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​​WARNING: Do not use for overhead lifting and never exceed the working load limit.

​Sash chain is ideal for hanging lighting fixtures and various  novelty applications were low grade chains are acceptable.

Passing link ia a general utility chain that is typically used for farm and livestock applications The wide link design allows the links to pass one another, easily reducing the chance of binding and kinking

Single jack is typically used for hanging signs, lighting fixtures and novelties such as flower pots, children's toys and other general utility applications

Harrow chain was once used to make harrows for aerate soil. Now is commonly used as general utility chain where a larger link is desired.

Machine chain is a short link welded chain, it is designed for applications where compactness and flexibility are desired and  most of the time required. The applications include but not limit to tailgates, farm and industrial equipment.

Lock link is a unique weldless chain where the links face the same direction. The strongest of the weldless chains. Common uses are Overhead doors, suspension and conveyor systems.

Double loop or Lion chain is a  general utility chain for multiple applications such as porch swings, children's swings, animal chains and light fixtures.

Brass safety chain is generally used with plumbing fixtures.


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